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Villa Pierrot is involved in the everyday living of women and children. It is also about achieving a life project.

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Selection criteria

  • Income of less than $24 000
  • Single mother aged between 18 and 35 (priority to those aged 18-25)
  • At least one child aged between 0 and 5 with full-time or joint custody
  • Canadian permanent resident status
  • Ready to undertake social professional steps
Critères de sélection

Our approach: Participatory management

Villa Pierrot is a living environment that supports social transformation and engages our community in collective issues that affect single mothers.

On a daily basis, Villa Pierrot relies on popular education principles that value each woman’s skills and knowledge. It utilizes engaging methods and tools to empower women to take action through experience.

Participatory management involves residents in the daily management of their living environment in relation to Villa Pierrot’s mission and objectives: Selection of new mothers, scheduling activities, organizing events, site maintenance, etc.

Various committees are set up to enable them to develop their knowledge, know-how, and soft skills, which are all transferable to various spheres of their life: Ability to plan and organize, relational and communication abilities (expression, compromise, mediation, conflict management), adaptation capacity, independence, team work, initiative, and many others.

From the moment of their arrival, they become involved in developing the organization and expanding their expertise in managing their own development and fulfillment, as well as that of their children.


La gestion participative

Participants’ assembly

La gestion participative

Three representatives on the Board of Directors

La gestion participative

Coordination of activity and workshop programming and selection of themes (e.g. ADHD, anxiety, workplace communication, collective kitchens, etc.)

La gestion participative

Organization of family parties

Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ section includes questions you may ask yourself. If you do not find the answers you are looking for, feel free to contact us by phone at 819-868-1114, ext. 1, or by e-mail at

Residents' stories

We have asked residents and former residents to talk about their stay. Here are some inspiring things they had to say.

“Villa provides me with the independence and freedom to be.”

Resident since 2019
“Villa Pierrot taught me a lot of things, including trusting myself, believing in my dreams, and pursuing my life projects. Thanks to them, I was able to finish school and get a vocational diploma (DEP) as an orderly. I can leave Villa Pierrot knowing that I am now able to better organize my life.”

Resident 2014-2019
“Villa Pierrot was my hope! And it still is! It is currently my fresh start to life.”

Resident 2017-2020
Ce que je retiens, c'est que vous soutenez beaucoup les filles. Vous nommez les choses que l’on peut améliorer et ça nous porte à le faire. Ça, avec une petite tape dans le dos quand on réussit notre objectif. Les filles ici, sont superfines. L’ambiance est agréable et respectueuse dès notre entrée.

Resident since 2018

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