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Villa Pierrot is a non-profit organization seeking to improve the living conditions of moderate-income single mothers with children aged under five living within the Memphremagog RCM. Villa Pierrot provides a transitional living environment and personalized support for mothers to achieve their life projects.


Mutual aid, respect, perseverance, sense of responsibility, empowerment, and innovation.

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Organisme Villa Pierrot

As a non-profit organization dedicated to independent community action (ACA – action communautaire autonome), we are free to determine our mission, guidelines, approaches, and practices. We have established strong roots in our community and are driven by a community and democratic life meeting the four criteria of independent community action organizations:

  • Being established from an initiative launched by people in the community;
  • Pursuing a social mission of its own that fosters social transformation;
  • Demonstrating civic practices and broad approaches, focused on the problem addressed as a whole;
  • Being overseen by a board of directors independent from the public system.


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Personalized support


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In 2005, the Centre de la Santé et des Services Sociaux de Memphrémagog revealed the extent of the single-parent situation and its main implications on the territory.

Two years later, in February 2007, the Villa Pierrot was established as a non-profit organization (NPO) on the social and professional integration of young mothers living below the poverty line in the Memphremagog RCM. The first meeting of the Villa Pierrot foundation was held in April 2007. An investment of $2.1M was made through the participation of public and community partners.

Since its official opening on May 1, 2009, the Villa Pierrot team has developed tangible expertise in assisting and supporting young single mothers in need on the professional, family, and personal levels. Today, more than 93 mothers and their 135 children have benefited from skills acquired during their stay.


Based on a recent survey with our clients, partners, and the local community, our services are obviously making a true difference in these mothers’ lives.

In fact, 100% of former Villa Pierrot residents have confirmed that their living conditions improved and would recommend the organization to any single mother!


Every day, Villa Pierrot’s small and wonderful team oversees the smooth running of the organization and cares for mothers and their children.


Julie Charest

General Coordinator

819-868-1114, ext. 3

Julie Olivier

Operation Coordinator

819 868-1114, ext. 2

Isabelle Côté

Development Coordinator

819 868-1114, ext. 2

Stéphanie Émond


Jean-Guy Bergeron

Building Maintenance Attendant


Debbie Benoît

Intervention Worker, Life Project and Financial Independence Component

819-868-1114, ext. 1

Roxane Tourigny

Clinical coordinator and community life

819-868-1114, ext. 0

Vanessa Klukvine

Intervention worker, reception and community life

819-868-1114, ext. 4

Sandie Clément

Intervention worker, early childhood and family

819-868-1114, ext. 6

Daphnée Bédard

Intervention worker, early childhood and family

819-868-1114, ext. 6

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors oversees the proper management of resources and the achievement of the organization’s mission, i.e. reinforcing the independence of single mothers. In keeping with its participatory management approach, it is composed of members residents and members of the community. The Board of Directors works together with the staff, volunteers, and residents to build a creative, dynamic living environment characterized by mutual aid.

Myriam Blain

Vice-Chair & Interim Chair

Sonia Langlois


Leila Beaulieu


Maryse Simard

Board member

Stéphanie Bégin

Board member

Amélie Latulippe

Board member

Francine Desjardins

Board member co-opted up to 2024 Annual General Meeting

Florence Geoffroy

Board member co-opted up to 2024 Annual General Meeting

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