Development Project


For over 10 years, Villa Pierrot has contributed to improving the living conditions of young single mothers with children aged 5 who have a modest income.

We are the only resource providing transitory housing to young single mothers on the Memphremagog RCM territory. We prevent social isolation, school dropouts, and poverty by supporting residents in the development of their financial and emotional independence, as well as their empowerment.

To support a greater number of single mothers, Villa Pierrot launched a large-scale project that will be developed over the next years in collaboration with our valued partners.

The context of the COVID pandemic has hit women hard, even more so for single mothers, and this reinforces the urgency and importance of advancing this project.

Projet développement


Increase support to young single mothers across the Memphremagog RCM. By gradually increasing our capacity from 21 to 200 mothers, the actualization of our mission and that of our partners will be exponential!

RESOURCE SPACES, different journeys, a single destination!

A project adapted to the diversity and uniqueness of each single mother’s journey towards their well-being and that of their children, all at a single destination!

A project allowing to:

Would you like to find out more about the project? Please contac by e-mail at or by telephone at 819-868-1114, ext. 4.

Being a partner

Together, we can make this project happen! Your contribution, whether collaborative, financial, or both, is crucial to our success. By participating in this second development phase, you are contributing to the full personal, professional, and citizen potential being achieved by all those women who are choosing to take charge of their own lives and that of their children to secure a better future.


Personal account

“Villa Pierrot has been making a positive change in the lives of single mothers as its history has now shown for 10 years. With this new project, the organization will help more than 200 mothers and their children in the Memphremagog region. Nexcap Fondation is proud to partner with Villa Pierrot and contribute to the scope of its services and resources.

-Nexcap Fondation